Weekly Pairings

Until we start having luncheons, the following month's signup sheet will be posted and emailed to members around the 10th.  Members can then email the TD their SU sheets and then mail their checks to him.  You have the option to mail both the signup sheet and check to the TD.  The original sign up list will be uploaded and will be updated periodically.     Cancellations, additions, and standby changes to events will be posted.  

             The final pairings will be posted the day before the event and will be named as the event's Starterz List.  To check on your starting time, click on the event's PDF file  


New NORM - Scorecards / refunds passed out in an envelope and fees collected 20-25 minutes before tee time.  Please respect Social Distancing.  New NORM

Sept Sign Up List

Aug Sign Up List


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