New Member Recruitment Initiative for 2020

The Sons in Retirement mission is to have fun and make friends for life.  

Not much is required to achieve this mission.

  • Be friendly and treat all San Juan branch members with respect

  • Volunteer to help make our chapter successful by serving in numerous roles

  • Participate in our activities

  • Recruit new members.  

We are growing fast and in the first two months of 2020 we have 7 new members to bring our numbers to over 150!

What can you do to help SIR 102 be a continued success?

1. Each SIR member should try and sponsor at least one potential new member at lunch in the next eight months.  Lunch is free for the guest.  Give them an opportunity learn about our Branch, meet the members, play golf with us, travel out of town with us, come to a wine tasting, join the book club, join us in a picnic or party.  Think about your brothers or cousins, neighbors, members of your lodges or clubs, current and past business associates, church members, family and social members; people with whom you currently play golf.  People you know who would like to spend time with a group of high quality friendly men of exceptional back grounds and talents are what we want!  When you serve as a sponsor to orient and support the new member it ensures they will bond with us and stay for life.

2  Work at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo on a morning or afternoon Apr 24, Apr 25, or Apr 26.  Each year our SIR 102 booth attracts around 50 men who learn about SIR 102.  Some join other chapters and some join us.  Last year 15 men attended lunch and 8 joined as new members as a result of meeting us at the golf expo.   You get into the Golf Expo for free which is a great event to attend.  You will get free parking and maybe even a free lunch.  Send Al Siefkin an email and tell him which morning or afternoon you will work.  Al Siefkin will be there everyday to show you what to do...its a great time.

3.  Serve as a sponsor.  When we bring in guests from the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo or on occasion when they come to meet us after seeing our websites or one of our ads at a golf event... they have no sponsor.  We need active members who agree to meet the new potential member at lunch, integrate them into the larger group, tell them about how things work, and introduce them to everyone.  Most important you need to follow up with them by phone and email for a number of months to help them bond with us and make sure they participate in all our activities.  When you serve as a sponsor your name will be placed into the give away drawing described above so you also get a chance to walk away with a special gift.