RAMP Recruitment SIR 102

(Recruitment, Activities, Member Relations, and Publicity)

Members and Prospective members please contact Larry DeZonia for any questions about joining SIR 102 or assisting in recruitment of potential members.  New prospective member information packets are available for all interested individual from Larry.

Strategy for sustained membership in SIR 102

Joining SIR 102 is easy and fun.  Our mission makes that so. Our mission is to improve lives of our members through fun activities and events while creating friends for life!

Every active member in SIR 102 should set a goal to attempt to recruit at least one new member a year.

What is required of a member of the Sons in Retirement?  Four simple acts that binds us together and make us successful:
1.  Be friendly
2.  Participate in the activities and events
3.  Recruit new members
4.  Volunteer

Recruitment of new members is everyone's responsibility.  When we lose more members than we recruit, eventually we falter and perish as a vital organization.

Steps in recruiting new members:

1.  Identify potential members from your current friends, church members, lodge brothers, golfing partners, family, and business associates. You do not have to be retired to join, only have enough time to participate at many of the monthly lunch meetings as possible and participate activities.  While many of our members play golf and consider SIR 102 a golf club, we also have non-golfers in our group.

2.  We have regular opportunities to meet new members at events like the annual Haggin Oaks Golf Expo where we run a booth. We run annual new membership recruitment initiative with special rewards and prizes for membership recruitment.

3.  Tell any interested individuals to look at our web site.  Tell them about our monthly luncheon meetings and interesting podium speakers.  Interest them in our regular events like our summer picnic, our Holiday/Christmas Party, our multiple golf trips a year, and our weekly golf tournaments.

4.  Invite them to lunch.  It is important that you serve as their sponsor.  Have them show up around 10-10:30 to meet as many members as possible. Get to know little about them personally if they are no long time friends and introduce them to other members around the room.  Get a guest name tag for them at the lunch table.  Their first lunch visit with us is free. Take them to the golf sign up table.  Seek out the officers in the SIR 102 Red Shirts and make sure they get to meet them.  You will be asked to very briefly introduce them at the beginning of the lunch meeting (One minute). If you cannot be at a lunch meeting ourself to serve as sponsor simple tell Larry DeZonia and he will appoint a personal host to sponsor the guest at the meeting.

5.  Joining SIR 102. They will be asked to fill out a membership application that they can get from the membership packet, from the Membership Chairmen (Larry DeZonia), or from the website. If they would like to join they need to attend the Board Executive Committee (BEC) at 9:30 either the first time the come to lunch or the second month they come to lunch to meet with the BEC.  The sponsor should attend with the prospective new member.  The guest will be excused about 10:30 when the new members are elected into membership.