JULY 2020


Hi SIR Members and future Members,


Our current membership is aware of the many fantastic opportunities our Sir club provides to make friends for life, enjoy monthly luncheons and play tournament golf with those friends.  We play mainly the public golf courses in the greater Sacramento area every Thursday.  Additionally, we have out of town overnight golf trips, one of those tournaments includes spouses, that is our annual trip to Carson City, Nevada.


Due to the Covid outbreak and restrictions by our Governor and our California SIR Organization, our SIR Branch 102 is just opening back up.  So far, we only have authorization to open our golf play.  We are hoping to be in full swing soon, to include restarting our monthly luncheon meetings (with guest speakers), our Wine Tasting events and other activities.  We have instructions on our website on how to join our SIR organization and we hope to welcome you with a free lunch soon, as soon as they restart.


This worldwide emergency has severely challenged our club.  I know all of you are hanging in there and I want you to look forward to a positive post-Covid year.  We should all be thankful for our health and future opportunities to participate with our Sir friends in activities.


Currently, we still have the SIR 102 picnic tentatively planned for Tuesday, Sep 8, 2020.  We all have our fingers crossed that our annual Christmas Luncheon event will still be held this December.  If you have not attended, it is a terrific mega event and sells out early every year.


I’m sure I speak on behalf of all our members  when I say, we cannot wait for this pandemic to pass so that we can all get back to business as usual, enjoying our luncheons, seeing everyone again and reopening the full range of activities our club provides.


Even with all these challenges we still have many things to look forward to, so stay positive, support one another and stay in contact with your fellow Sir groups.  I look forward to returning to normal and seeing all of my friends again, especially those of you who owe me money, just kidding.


Take care.










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