The SIR 102 Golf Club is committed to providing a well organized golf program for the pleasure of its members who enjoy golf.  We have a tournament every Thursday at a local golf course, except for a few times where we play at courses outside of the area.  At this time the courses we have outside of the area are at the Rolling Hills Golf Club in Corning, CA for two days and one night, and a  variety of courses in Carson City, NV for two days and three nights.  They are the highlight of our golf program and are great fun and include Casinos at both locations for additional enjoyment if you like.  We also have a nine-hole golf group that plays on Mondays at various clubs in the area. 

  If you are reluctant to play golf with us, be advised, our golfers, and I use the term lightly, are anywhere from single digit Handicaps to the maximum Handicap, who are in it for the fun and enjoyment with their friends.  We play four flights, from low handicaps, medium, average, and  improving handicaps.  So, as you progress thru the four flights you are playing with your level.  In addition to the fun you can win a few bucks as well.  Each flight has a first, second, third and fourth place winner with lots of money to the winners; $5 to $10 and, of course, the prestige of leading your flight.

  The very best part is the friendship created in the process.  We have a good time and you "will" establish new friendships and have fun in the process.  Come on, give us a try, you won't regret it.