Current  Obituaries

Joe Virga

Joe passed away on May 7, 2020.  He was an active member of Branch 102 from 1986- 2017. During that time he was a member of the golf club until 2013 serving as the Golf Chairman in 1992 and Tournament Director in 1993.  He was recognized as an Honorary Life Member in 2011 for his exceptional and extraordinary service to Sirs Branch 102 and awarded Honorary Life Member Emeritus in 2017.  Joe served as the Little Sir in 2007, Big Sir in 2008, and volunteered for numerous Director and Chairman positions.


Pete Sears

Jan 4, 2021 Mary Sears informed Branch 102 the death of her husband Peter Sears.  Pete was Big Sir at Branch 67 and transferred to 102 when the two branches merged.  He was a member until 2015 when his health became an issue and driving to meetings became a problem.  Pete was an avid golfer in his day and participated in many of the out-of-town tournaments.  Pete was retired from the US Navy.

James Greene

Mary Ann informed Branch 102 that her husband James Greene past away the first week of February 2021.

Gene Delfin

Gary Adams reports that long time member Gene Delfin passed away sometime at the end of August 2021.  A member since about 2006, brought in by Don Neudeck a fellow DWR employee. Gene Delfin, Archie Noriega, George Wheeler, and Gary Adams all signed up together via Don.

Foster Maxwell 

August 23, 2021 

Citrus Heights, California - Foster Eugene Maxwell, aged 89, died of esophageal cancer. He is survived by his devoted wife Marty, son Martin (Gina), daughter Tamye and numerous relatives. He was an accountant at Sacramento County for 30 years. While healthy he enjoyed RVing, playing Senior Softball, being a member of Motor Escort unit of Ben Ali Shrine and golfing with stroke survivors. 

Bill Melhorn

Bill passed away on December 8, 2021. He was 89 years young and was a Sir 102 member for many years.

Bill was a member of the Golf Club and played in many tournaments. He participated in the Carson City golf trip and was always in the money.  Bill had a very friendly smile and communicated with any one that would listen.

He worked for the California Architecture Division.  Gene Delfin was his sponsor for Sir 102.