(Brief Version)

Executive Committee “BEC” (Elected by BEC and approved by members)

Big Sirs - Chief executive officer of the branch.  Lead all of affairs of the branch including the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) and the monthly luncheon. Appoints chairmen of Branch administration.  Understand the Bylaws, Polices & Procedures, and SIR Leadership Guide applicable to Branch Operations.  - Prepares and submitted Form 6 (Senior Certificate) as required

Little Sir - Perform in the absence or inability of the Big Sir, or at his request all of the duties of the Big Sir. Selects and presents the monthly luncheon speaker

Secretary - Is responsible for recording and publishing the Minutes of BEC meetings and is the official record keeper of Non-Financial Branch records including Form 20 (ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL FOR YEAR) by August 31st.  Ability to use a computer, word processing and Email.

Asst. Secretary - The Branch Assistant Secretary is responsible for assisting the Branch Secretary in the maintaining of Branch records. In the absence of the Branch Secretary shall perform the duties of, and be governed by, the same Policies and Procedures and Branch Secretary position description

Treasurer - The Treasurer is the Financial Officer of the branch.  Opens Branch bank account, including accounts for the Branch committees in need of separate accounts.  Prepares and submits Form 28 – Branch Monthly Cash Report.  Has an understanding of accounting and bookkeeping. · Knows how to use a checkbook to write checks; and to record receipts and expenditures. · Knows how to balance a bank statement.

Asst. Treasurer - The Assistant Branch Treasurer is responsible for assisting the Branch Treasurer in the maintaining of Branch financial records, and in the absence of the Treasurer shall perform the duties.

BEC Directors - Serve as a member of the BEC, with equal voting rights and equal responsibility for actions collectively taken by its members.  Ensure that Branch Regulations, actions, activities and affairs are in accordance with State Bylaws, Policies, Procedures and Branch Regulations.  Is expected to be a committee chairman.

Chairman (Appointed by the Big Sir)

Activity - This leader is responsible to guide the development and enhancement of branch activities to meet the Sir Mission Statement of enriching members' lives.  Maintain regular communications with activity chairmen to support them as needed.  Mentor new activity chairmen as needed.

Attendance – Collects and provides the attendance data to the BEC.  After Luncheon, updates the Attendance data file and distributes to the BEC officers.  Should have EXCEL and e-mail knowledge.

Auditor - conducts an annual audit of the funds of all activities of the Branch, including, but not limited to golf, bowling, travel, bridge and the like.

Chaplain - Leads nondenominational religious services at monthly luncheon and other activities..

Golf - Basic duties include scheduling and coordinating monthly meeting with Golf Board, act as liaison with BEC, reviewing Monthly golf treasurer financial reports and address any golf issues that arise with board and/or members, plus insure Policy and Procedures are followed on behalf of the membership.

Membership - Is responsible for all Branch membership records, and processing of membership applications.  Maintain database of all members and report membership details to the BEC and ensure a Branch roster is produced.  Able to use email, Word Processing, spreadsheets and/or database.

Nominating Committee - Is responsible to ensure the branch nominates the best candidates for officer and director positions, to influence those candidates to accept nomination and to provide the branch with trained backup candidates for all BEC officers

Newsletter Editor - Produces and distributes a monthly newsletter that communicates Branch and State items of interest and forthcoming events.  Ability to edit articles submitted from various sources and the ability to use common bulletin production software.

Publicity - Is responsible in setting a publicity and image goal for the branch. Prepares and stocks publicity brochures, cards and holders, and put them in places where our membership candidates tend to visit.  The objective of this role is to make membership candidates and the general public aware of the Branch within its membership area.

Recruiting - This leader is responsible to ensure the branch continues to grow and thrive by recommending and monitoring programs and processes to recruit first time guests and turn guests into applicants and eventually, members.

Travel- To plan, promote and conduct the Branch Travel Activity.  Utilize SIR Form 59, obtain BEC approval, and ensure that all travel event requirements are followed. · Develop, plan and promote trip

Sunshine– Reports on members who are sick or injured or have passed away.  Represents the Branch by sending- out a get well or sympathy messages by card, e-mail, text, phone or in person.

Webmaster – is responsible for maintaining the website.  Must have knowledge of website management tools and good collaboration skills.

Website Editors -prepares and adds articles and data to a website page maintaining current and correct information.