SIR Activities  Resumption Protocol                                                             June 23, 2021

The State SIR Board has approved reopening activities as long as the Branches follow the indoor protocol.

It is essential that these procedures are followed in order to continue to hold indoor and outdoor activities and to keep our members as safe as possible at all events.  


  • SIR no longer has insurance coverage for Covid-19 nor other communicable diseases.  

  • Indoor activities (especially luncheons) require that the State has moved Sacramento County to the  Orange or Yellow Tiers 

  • The State SIR Board has approved Branches to resume indoor activities provide that:

1) Each Branch has a written plan to resume indoor activities.

2) Each Branch BEC approves the plan prior to implementation.

3) Each Branch’s BEC meeting minutes state that the BEC has approved resumption of indoor activities.  

  • SIR requires that any member or guest attending indoor activities to:                        

1) Sign the SIR waiver form.

2) Provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination by presenting their personal CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card, or by presenting a picture of their card on

their phone or other electronic device.

 3) Outdoor activity participants must have signed. The waiver form but proof of vaccination is not required.


Each Branch should maintain a written record of their members who have complied with the above requirements so that members do not have to present proof of vaccination at each event.


  • Branches are to continue to review and follow the County Covid-19 protocols for their events.

  1. Branches are to follow the protocols for the county in which the indoor activities take place. 

iI a Branch resides in Sacramento County, but holds an indoor event in Placer County, the Placer County protocols take precedence.

  • Sir 102 will Conform to any restrictions that the Elks or any other event provider may require.   

In view of the deletion by SIR’s insurance carrier, effective May 1, 2021, of coverage for pandemic diseases and the likelihood that other carriers are also not providing such coverage, the following requirements are necessary to protect the health and safety of SIR members and minimize SIR’s exposure to possible claims related to pandemic diseases: 


  1. The branches are required to strictly observe corporate formalities, such as annual election of officers and keeping corporate minutes in a timely and orderly manner. 

  2. The branches are urged to encourage all branch members to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and to help those branch members who need assistance in finding vaccination centers and getting vaccinated. 

  3. Beginning May 1, 2021 and until further notice to the contrary, branches shall require branch members, visiting SIR members from other branches, guest speakers, guests, and spouses/significant others (“Attendees”) to be fully vaccinated (2 shots, if required) as a condition of being allowed to attend branch activities which are conducted wholly or partially indoors. In the alternative, unvaccinated Attendees can attend such activities if they provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test administered within 3 days prior to an event they want to attend.

  4. To ensure compliance with the requirements of item 3, branches shall require Attendees to show the original, a copy, or photo (in hardcopy or via a phone) of their vaccination record cards or test result documentation. If the attendee does not produce the document previously mentioned, access will be denied. 

  5. Branches shall maintain an updated list of members who have submitted proof of vaccination and use it to check them in for branch activities involving any indoor components. Branches need not require members who are on the vaccinated list to show proof of vaccination thereafter. 

  6. Branches shall require all Attendees participating in SIR activities to comply with all then-current state and county requirements related to COVID-19 protection, such as wearing masks and social distancing. 

  7. Branches shall require all Attendees attending SIR indoor or outdoor activities, to execute the attached waiver prior to allowing a member to attend such activities. Such waiver need only be executed once by a member, and the branch shall maintain the originals of such executed waivers for inspection by State SIR representatives