Activities are the glue that holds the branch together. It is through participating in activities that our members connect with each other and make friends for life.  The more and varied activities that a branch has, the more likely it will be healthy and able to recruit new members.   
Activity Coordinator:  Norm Steinbach      e-mail:


Monthly Lunch
The agenda at the lunch/meeting: 9:30 BEC Meeting; 11:30 Invocation, Pledge Allegiance, Singing God Bless America, Introduction of Guest, Branch Information, Buffet Lunch and Speaker.

Christmas Luncheon

This an annual event including wives and special guest that takes the place of the December Monthly Luncheon.  This is a celebration for the Season and where new officers are sworn-in.
Annual event which includes wives and significant others and including the normal branch meetings.


18 Hole Tournament  every Thursday, Annual 2 day Spring, 3 day Carson City Summer & 2 day Fall Tournments.
Deck of Cards
Meets after the Monthly Luncheon
Study Group on the Grass

Book Club 

Meets 4th Wednesday of each Month at Ettore's Bakery. Drink coffee and eat delicious pastries and discuss the monthly book.
Colourful Pile of Old Books

Book Swap

Takes place at the Monthly Luncheon and Annual Picnic.  Books are brought in for members to pick up and take home to read.

Bocce Ball

Play is once a month at Carmichael Bocce Ball Courts.

Wine Tasting

Sir Branch 102 members, spouses, partners, & prospective 102 member guests are welcome to attend The quarterly wine tasting event at the host's home.

Travel Opportunities 

For more information please contact Bill Maffei email

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